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Bayonetta Model

Character information:
Chara: Bayonetta Version: 1.1
Model: Bayonetta Nendoroid Author: Pikadude31451
Technical information:
File: Bayonetta Neneoroid (FULL) (Pikadude31451).pmx Location: Deviantart
Credits: Unknown Password: None
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: + (Yes)
Displayed: None

Bayonetta Nendoroid is available for download via Mediafire.

Bayonetta is a character in the Bayonetta video game series, and she has also become a Smash Bros character,


Bayonetta Nendoriod (Pikadude).zip


  • Bayonetta Neneoroid (FULL) (Pikadude31451).pmx
  • Bayonetta Neneoroid (GUNS SET) (Pikadude31451).pmx
  • Bayonetta Neneoroid (MINUS GUNS) (Pikadude31451).pmx
  • Bayonetta Neneoroid (TRUE SHADOW) (Pikadude31451).pmx
  • Love is Blue (SINGLE x 2) (Pikadude31451).pmx
  • Love is Blue (SINGLE) (Pikadude31451).pmx
  • Love is Blue (SOLO_RIGGED) (Pikadude31451).pmx
  • Bayonetta Neneoroid (WWNM) (Guns Set) (Pikadude31451).pmx
  • Bayonetta Neneoroid (WWNM) (Pikadude31451).pmx
  • Bayonetta Neneoroid (WWNM) (R Guns) (Pikadude31451).pmx
  • Bayonetta Neneoroid (WWNM) (True Shadow) (Pikadude31451).pmx

Model policy

  • Please Credit when this model is used.
  • Editing is Allowed as long as the model stays the same character.
  • Parts from other models are allowed, as long as the original auother allows editing.
  • No face Swapping. (Ex. Removing the head and placing a new head on)
  • Please Attach ALL read-me's in folder when Distributing

Editing Criteria:

  • MUST stay same character.
  • DO NOT take pieces to make other models (Ex. Removing Hair to place on a TDA head)
  • DO NOT redistribute original model or small updates (Ex. Adding new .SPA to the model)
  • Distributing Alt Costumes of this character is OK. (Ex. A casual/Holiday themed look)
  • Please Credit when this model is used (Pikadude31451)
  • Parts from other models are OK, as long as the original author allows editing. (Ex. Animasa, Kio, ect.)
  • Please attach READ-ME to distributed files


  • Her hair texture is animated.