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This is the list for VY1, VY2, Mew, Rion Tone and Nemu Yumemi, Aoki Lapis, ZOLA PROJECT, Merli, anon & kanon and flower models.

Bplats Inc. is an application service provider in Tokyo, Japan. It runs web portals on ASP, SaaS and cloud computing and an online store to sell software and hardware. They contributed to YAMAHA's VOCALOID product by overseeing voice bank development.

Mew (ミウ) is of the first four VOCALOID3s released for the engine.

Notice to contributors, with some exceptions given to Mew and depending on Vocaloids under Bplats that have a low volume of models, their pages may end up in this category. However, it is not necessary to place pages in this category for those with a high volume of models.
This particular category is still under "Developing" status until there is a better way to set up the category.
For Shanghai He Nian Vocaloids see the Vocaloid China Models category.
For Macne Nana models see the Macne Models category.

VY1 Mizki modeler=Pebbulz

VY2 modeler=TBA

Mew modeler=Kanahiko-chan

Lapis Aoki modeler=Saboten

Rion Tone modeler=Pikadude31451

galaco modeler=Pikadude31451

WIL (ZOLA) modeler=Yatsuha

Merli modeler=Kio

kanon modeler=ISAO

flower modeler=mqdl

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