Beginning in July 2009, Shinyusha began distributing MikuMikuDance models exclusive to their magazine, Windows100%. This magazine is dedicated to Windows features and the latest applications. Each month, a new set is released. Known contributors to the model releases are ISAO, Kakomiki, Kio and Saboten Recently, Mamama released a model of Vocaloid SeeU for the February 2012 edition.

NOTE: These models are meant to be purchased with the magazine. Editing them requires the model maker's permission, but do not distribute the edits. The character must also remain the same. Since they were created for commercial use by the model makers themselves, users may NOT sell them for personal profit. Doing so may end in a lawsuit.

Models in this category are to be tagged with {{Notice/Windows100Policy}}, a template that displays the general policy on these models. If there is an issue or discussion about this template please use it's talk page or the forums.

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