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Cure Black (JellyHearts).png
Cure Black Model

Character information:
Chara: Cure Black Version: 1.0
Model: Cure Black Author: JellyHearts
Technical information:
File: Cure Black.pmx Location: Unknown
Credits: JellyHearts, CelestCSilvari, hutariwaP, TechArts, 3DCG Password: none
Further information:
Editable: x (No) Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: None

Cure Black is one of the main characters from the anime FutariWa Pretty Cure & FutariWa Pretty Cure Max Heart. This model depicts her from FutariWa Pretty Cure.


  • Version 1.0 - Feb 2, 2020


  • TechArts & 3DCG (Hair, Outfit, Accessories)
  • hutariwaP (Face (permission has been granted to use the face))
  • CelestCSilvari (Body Base)
  • JellyHearts (Configuration & Pallet Tooning)

Model Policy

  • If a "credits" text file is included in a download, it's suggested you read through it.
  • Model data may be used in other software.
  • Do not redistribute the original model edit.
  • Models are not to be for commercial use.
  • You may edit the models, but keep the model as the character it's intended to resemble.
  • Always link back so people know where you got the model from (if possible).


  • This model was distributed in a pack that also included Cure White, her Pretty Cure Partner.