DIY-Couple are 2 model editors, and on a occasion, creators, who are known mostly for default model edits. The account started with the DeviantArt user: Peramoxy (a.k.a Kayako) who decided to team up with her husband, the DeviantArt user: AnimeDreamer91 (a.k.a Fidel).


Kayako is known for her Asian Horror Models, such as Possessed Girl, and Zombie Girl. Also many Kayako Saeki models which were taken down by Kayako (not Saeki)  herself. 

Fidel is known for his Video Game and Vocaloid Models, such as Mile Upshur and Casual Hatsune Miku.

Model Policy

  • Do Not Claim Model As Yours
  • Do No Claim Character As Yours (unless it IS)
  • Credit DIY-Couple
  • Models Are Not To Be Used For Commercial Use.
  • Models Cannot Be Used For Scenes Such As, Violence, Sexuality, or Slander.
  • Do Not Redestibute Model Edits.
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