MMDmodel YowaneHaku ByAnimasa
Haku Yowane Model

Character information:
Chara: Haku Yowane Version: 1.3
Model: Yowane Haku ver1.3 Author: Animasa
Technical information:
File: Haku_Yowane.pmd Location: Default Model with MMD Software
Credits: Unknown Password: None
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: + (Yes)

Animasa Yowane Haku (あにまさ 弱音ハク; アニマサ) is available to use upon downloading the MikuMikuDance software.


  • ver.1.0
  • ver.1.3 (MMD 5.0~)
  • MMD Ver.3.01 ~ (2008/08/30)


  • Animasa models are not to be for commercial use. However this model has been featured on the cover of MMD Magazine.
  • Animasa Haku is a heavily edited MMD model due to her womanly shaped body and height. Her base is commonly used for fanmades and originals.

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