Kaito momota (Hatori)
Kaito Momota Model

Character information:
Chara: Kaito Momota Version: 1.2
Model: 百田解斗 Author: Hatori
Technical information:
File: 百田解斗ver1.02_羽鳥式.pmx Location: Bowlroll
Credits: Unknown Password: NicoVideo Warning Do Not Giveout Password!!
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: NicoVideo

Hatori Type Kaito Momota can be found on Bowlroll.


  • Ver.1.0
  • Ver.1.2 ~ (2017/06/25)


  • 百田解斗ver1.02_羽鳥式.zip


  • 百田解斗(プロローグ)ver1.02_羽鳥式.pmx
  • 百田解斗ver1.02_羽鳥式.pmx

Model policy

  • Do not share the download password for this MMD Model Data.
  • Do not re-distribute this MMD Model Data.
  • Private Trading and Public Trading of this MMD Model Data is NOT allowed.
  • Please use this MMD Model Data at your own risk. I can not be held liable or responsible for any damages caused by using this data.
  • This MMD Model Data may not be used for any works which contain negative content toward the original product, individual, &/or group. 
  • Although you are allowed to edit this MMD Model Data, you may NOT distribute that MMD Model Data to other users.
  • Do not take this Model apart. You are not allowed to create another MMD Model by using parts of this MMD Model Data. (For example, do not take this Model's hair and put it on a different Model.)
  • Do not use this MMD Model in avatars (user icons) for social networking services and other online communities.
  • Do not use this MMD Model for works which include obscene, grotesque, &/or violent content.
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  • You are NOT permitted to sell this MMD Model data in ANY format, whether digital or in print.
  • This MMD Model data may only be used for non-profit purposes. Do not use this MMD Model data for commercial purposes.

  • You are not allowed to 3D Print this MMD Model Data.
  • If you find this MMD Model Data re-distributed by anyone other than me "Hatori" on a NON-JAPANESE website, I would greatly appreciate it if you could ask them to delete it.
  • If you find any works on a NON-JAPANESE website which do not follow these rules, I would greatly appreciate it if you can ask that individual to delete that video &/or image.


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