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Kizuna AI Model

Character information:
Chara: Kizuna AI Version: 1.1
Model: kizunaai Author: Tomitake
Technical information:
File: kizunaai.pmx Location: Homepage


Credits: Metasequoia
Tda (Modeling Supervisor)
森倉円 (Character Design)
Password: None
Further information:
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Kizuna AI's Model is available for download from her Homepage.


Kizuna Ai (キズナアイ, 絆愛, lit. Bonded Love) is a Female Japanese Virtual Youtuber who debuted on November 29, 2016. Kizuna Ai called herself as "The first Virtual Youtuber (self proclaim)" and "The Artificial Intelligence that is wise and intelligent". her own self model was Supervised by TDA and later be used in MikuMikuDance for her fans to use.


  • Ver.1.0
  • Ver.1.1





Model policy

Terms of service excerpts · Disclaimers

Be sure to check the terms of use (http://kizunaai.com/rule.html) before using.

Terms of service will take precedence if the excerpts below differ from the terms of use due to amendments to the Terms of Service.

* When publishing or distributing secondary creation items, please display license notation <(c) Kizuna AI>.

※ For commercial use, please contact us from official website.

※ The production committee assumes no responsibility even if any trouble occurs due to the use of this data.

○ Prohibited matter

1. Redistribution of data.

2. Porting part of the model or using it as a material to make another model.

3. Modification and use that causes inconvenience to others, such as porting parts from a model that prohibits parts transplant.

4. To use for actions and purposes contrary to public order and morals, violent expression, antisocial acts and purposes, specific beliefs and religions, political remarks.

7. To use a scratchy eye model to make other people uncomfortable, discriminate or hurt.

5. Do not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights or any other rights and honor.

6. To use such as to lower the value and the quality of A.I.Channel and Kizunaai.

8. Usage to be misunderstood as being an official product of A.I.Channel and Kizunaai

9. Other not to use in the act that the Production Committee deems inappropriate.


Planning / Production: Project A. I.

Character design: Morikura Yen/森倉円

Modeling Supervisor: Tda

Modeler: Tomitake/トミタケ

 (C) Kizuna AI

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  • Tda (Modeling Supervisor)