Laslow Maple Salt
Laslow Model

Character information:
Chara: Laslow Version: 1.00
Model: 楓塩式ラズワルド Author: Maple Salt
Technical information:
File: 楓塩式ラズワルド.pmx Location: Bowl Roll
Credits: Metasequoia Password: Undisclosed
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: Nicovideo

Type Maple Salt Laslow is available for download via Bowl Roll. Laslow is a character from Fire Emblem Fates. In Japan, he is known as ラズワルド (Lazwald).


  • Ver.1.0 ~ (2017/April/02)


  • 楓塩式ラズワルド


  • 楓塩式ラズワルド.pmx
  • ラズワルドの舞剣.pmx

Model Policy

  • Model may not be portrayed as decaying or rotting or set in erotic, sexual situations.
  • Model may not be used to make Twitter icons.
  • Model may not be used in 3D printing.
  • Model may not be converted for use in VRchat.
  • Model may not be used with model data ripped from video games.
  • Model may not be uploaded to NiconiSolid.
  • Editing is allowed as long as the character remains the same.
  • Redistributing the edit is prohibited.
  • Distribution of the model may stop without warning.

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