Luka Megurine (Nanami) 12
Luka Megurine (巡音ルカ) Model

Character information:
Chara: Luka Megurine (巡音ルカ) Version: 1.2
Model: 巡音ルカ_nanami Author: Nanami Watabe
Technical information:
File: 巡音ルカ_nanami.pmd Location: Undisclosed
Credits: Unknown Password: None
Further information:
Editable: x (No) Distributable edit: x (No)
Displayed: Nicovideo

Nanami's Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ) is one of the earliest Luka models for MikuMikuDance.


  • Ver.1.0 (2009/January/18)
  • Ver.1.1 (2009/January/19)
  • Ver.1.11 (2009/January/24)
  • Ver.1.2 (2009/May/08)


This model was originally distributed through Nanami's website. The links have been taken down and it is unknown whether Nanami will re-release her to the public.

Model Policy

Nanami's readme states,

Terms of Use


  • This is Nanami's first model to debut on Niconico.
  • There is a physical model of Luka on one of VPVP wiki's uploaders. The uploader has permission from Nanami to re-distribute the model.

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