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  • There is a model creator who goes by ひばりA (HibariA) who makes models based on Fire Emblem characters. Their terms of service on their blomaga request that only people who understand Japanese, regardless of whether they are capable of speaking the language or not, are allowed to use them. They also request not translating the terms of service, which I assume is the readme.

    "This model is distributed to people who can understand Japanese.
    If you can not read Japanese, please do not use this model.
    Also, even if you are a Japanese speaker, do not use it if you can not understand the terms of use."

    Would HibariA be omitted from the wiki?

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    • Most likely. We would have to proceed with extra caution.

      In that case, can you please delete the HibariA model images I uploaded? 

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    • Not necessary yet... you alreadly contacted them if it confirms that there models are not allowed outside of japan then we'll delete the evidence if it's allowed regardless if you can understand the terms... then will just put a Template notice that this model is exclusive to those who understand the terms...

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