The following are to be observed in the duration of your stay here at MikuMikuDance Wiki.

  1. The Notability Clause and Conflict of Interest policy normally found in wikis are waived in here, to allow the unrestricted indexing of MMD models that are compliant to the community ethics of MikuMikuDance.
  2. Character names in the wiki are all written in the western order, ie. Given-name-first. Exceptions to the rule include published software names, and names of Chinese/Korean origins. The reason for this is for organizational purposes, and to minimize confusion in naming conventions.
    Example; Miku referred as the character, shall be called Miku Hatsune. Miku, as the voicebank software, shall be referred to as Hatsune Miku, as published by Crypton Future Media.
  3. Information found in this website may not be compiled and sold for profit without the expressed consent of the administrators and affected authors of such articles in relation to their works.
  4. All forms of vandalism are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with harshly.
  5. Plagiarism (copying and claims of resources without permission) of all forms and kinds is strictly prohibited and will result in the user being blacklisted if not rectified within a given period of time. The Administrators shall determine the time given.
  6. Requests for model downloads shall not be entertained.
  7. All forms of flaming, hostility and trolling are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with harshly.
  8. All disputes shall be brought forward to the talk/discussion page of the article in question. Disputes written anywhere else is not guaranteed to be paid attention to.
  9. These disputes shall be presided and resolved by an Administrator, whose judgment shall be considered final.
  10. All accusations must be accompanied with proof, or they may not be entertained. In some cases, accusations without proof, particularly in numerous instances, may be treated as harassment and may merit sanctions.
  11. Circumvention of rules and loopholes shall be dealt with harshly.
  12. Articles repeatedly edited improperly or vandalized shall be locked. Should a change be required for such a locked page, such requests should be done over the talk/discussion page.
  13. Activities conducted in the Wiki must typically comprise of constructive edits, additions and updates. Any activity found to be simply of nuisance nature, or to farm points and rewards without veritable contribution will be dealt with harshly.

For any clarification, questions or complaints, you may write them at the discussion page.