MikuHatsune DG-H2
Miku Hatsune Model

Character information:
Chara: Miku Hatsune Version: 2.00 BETA
Model: Miku Hatsune version 2 Author: TDGOH or also know as DG-H
Technical information:
File: DG Miku ver.2.pmx Location: deviantart
Credits: Unknown Password: DGpassXD
Further information:
Editable: Cc (Contact creator) Distributable edit: Cc (Contact creator)
Displayed: YT

DG Hatsune Miku is the first model by TheDeadGodOfHappiness, who was before an editer but now also makes model from scratch.


  • ver.2 BETA
  • ver.1
  • BETA model (2012/04/14)


  • This is TDGOH's first model.
  • The first version of the model had no textures, however, by the second version, the model got to be full of textures.


External Links

  • WIPs of the model: DA
  • Small updates and DLs (also shown for Japanese users)


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