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Miku Hatsune Model

Character information:
Chara: Miku Hatsune Version: 2.31
Model: Lat式ミク
Type Lat Miku
Author: Lat
Technical information:
File: Lat式ミクVer2.31_Normal.pmd Location: Bowlroll
Credits: Metasequoia Password: None
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: + (Yes)
Displayed: Nicovideo

Type Lat Miku (Lat式ミク) is available to download through Bowlroll. The file contains 4 separate outfits; Normal, White, Summer school uniform, and Winter school uniform.


  • Ver.1.0β (2009/Jun/07)
  • Ver.1.0 (2009/Jun/13)
  • Ver.2.0β (2009/Nov/13)
  • Ver.2.0 (2009/Dec/27)
  • Ver.2.01 (2010/Jan/19)
  • Ver.2.2 (2010/Apr/20)
  • Ver.2.3 (2010/Jun/27)
  • Ver.2.31 (2014/Jan/05)


  • Lat式ミクVer.2.31 (Lat式ミクVer2.31.zip)


  • Lat式ミクVer2.31_Normal.pmd Normal
  • Lat式ミクVer2.31_Normalエッジ無し専用.pmd Normal without edge line
  • Lat式ミクVer2.31_Sailor冬服.pmd Schoolgirl Winter
  • Lat式ミクVer2.31_Sailor冬服エッジ無し専用.pmd Schoolgirl Winter without edge line
  • Lat式ミクVer2.31_Sailor夏服.pmd Schoolgirl Summer
  • Lat式ミクVer2.31_Sailor夏服エッジ無し専用.pmd Schoolgirl Summer without edge line
  • Lat式ミクVer2.31_White.pmd White
  • Lat式ミクVer2.31_Whiteエッジ無し専用.pmd White without edge line


  • Commercial usage is allowed with the approval of Lat, given that the usage does not exceed the doujin level
  • Do not use this model data for content that significantly violates public order and morals or anything dubious
  • Model data depicting Crypton characters (+ other characters under PCL) should be used within the terms of the Piapro Chararcter License
  • Distribution of model data is allowed, provided the original readme is present and detailed information is given about edits (if any)
  • The author shall not take responsibility for any damages/losses arising from the usage of this model data

These rules are subject to change; changes affect each and every version of these models.


  • All Lat Miku's feature many emotions and facial features, such as blush, anger veins, and glasses. The headphones are also attached to the expression panel, allowing the user to control their appearance with ease.
  • Lat式ミク is the first MMD model to be turned into a collectible figure.
  • Lat式ミク is one of the most famous models that is not provided by the software itself. It has been used in many PVs and is regarded as one of the highest quality models for MMD, also having many variations on the model itself. Its most famous usage was when it served as the base in the Studio DEEN and GWave PV Mitchie M also uses this model in his MMD PV Viva Viva Happy

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