General information
Aliases MyMelody64
DL Location DeviantArt

NatoOwO (also known as Komachii or Komachicuu) is a known model maker on DeviantART. NatoOwO is known for her model art and YouTube videos.


HopexDespair53 was previously known as CoreWorld28 before moving her account on Deviantart to CoreWorldDA but then moved again to Hopex53. She then left due to drama in the MMDC but returned on February 7, 2019 as NatoOwO.

Model Policy

  1. All rules must be abided for this model. If any are violated, expect to be blacklisted as well as a report.
  2. This model(s) can not be taken of parts or edited.
  3. Textures can not be taken for other models.
  4. Porting this model is a no. The model MUST stay in MMD format. (If model says otherwise, you may DM me for permission)
  5. Common Tda rules must be followed. (Do not use for lewd and monetary content)
  6. Please credit NatoOwO when you use and do not claim the model as your property.


Their models usually consist of Tda edits. See here for their new models.