MMDmodel Project Diva Miku-1-

Project DIVA Miku

Project Diva Miku is a great model for Vocaloid fans and Non-vocaloid fans alike who participate in using the program Miku Miku Dance. Created by Mamama, this model is highly detailed, from the beautiful texturing, to the unique rigging and physics.


Project Diva Miku is modeled by Mamama to look as accurately close to the model displayed in the Project Diva video game. This Miku's pigtails reach down to the knees and are partially parted at the ends, unlike that of some other miku models. The hair is a turquoise blue which is shaded darker at the tips, emphasizing separation of certain parts of her pigtails. The model's eyes are of a similar shade, although lighter with the shines in the color. Her head is equipped with her signature Vocaloid headphones.

Her clothing attire consist of a gray blouse with no sleeves, a signature of the mascot. The sky blue tie is large, reaching down to her skirt. The blouse itself has blue frills on the collar and shoulder borders as well as luminescent azure stitching the border of the upside down v opening of the bottom.

Miku's arms are equipped with black arm warmers with blue rings on top and bottom borders. On each of these warmers, a design similar to a keyboard is displayed, with florescent colors decorating as keys. Her mini skirt is black with similar colorful keys decorated throughout the skirt, with the bottom border of the skirt being a similar blue to that of the arm warmers. Hanging from the skirt is a decorative loop with a black and blue triangular pattern.

Project Diva Miku also wears thigh high black boots, azure rings coloring the top border. One thing to note of these boots in comparison to other models is the additional florescent lights design on the knees and front portion of her ankles. The soles of the boots are a similar color to that of the azure rings.


The model may be used for many purposes, including Miku Miku Dance animations, photos, and so on. It may not be redistributed, be it an edit or the original, according to the creator, Mamama.