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Sweet ANN Model

Character information:
Chara: Sweet ANN Version: 3.4
Model: スイートアンverβ Author: Shuki
Technical information:
  • sweetann_00.pmd
  • sweetann_00β.pmd
Location: Distribution ended
Credits: Etd Password: None
Further information:
Editable: + (Yes) Distributable edit: + (Yes)

Shuki Sweet ANN (しゅき スイートアン) was available to download through Zgock Lab's MMD-free data distribution site.
Modification and redistribution for this model is allowed; commercial use is prohibited. From what is understood by the readme, she was assembled using Animasa's Miku and Kio's Meiko Sakine (arms).


  • Ver.3.4 ~ (2009/Feb/05)


  • This is the first English Vocaloid model ever created, Shuki's Sweet ANN would continue being so until a year and many months later when Western modelers began to discover PMD Editor and figure out its functions. One theory on why English Vocaloid models were not present in MMD's early stages could be due to the lack of visual avatars when it came to the boxart, contributed by Vocaloid still not being known at that point despite the second engine being out.
  • The odd orange skin is due to interpretation of her boxart, since the shading of it is rather dynamic and dark she is sometimes depicted as having very light blonde hair and tanned skin, to which some fans jokingly refer to her then as "Tan Ann" or "SweetTann".
    • Because of this model having weird orange skin and odd yellow hair, users have tried to edit this model to give her a more "human-like" appearance. Users usually recolor the skin, remove the choker, and add a picture file to her hair.
  • If one looks closely they can see that the modelers correctly incorporated Sweet ANN's neck stitches(metallic staples) a feature that was confused for a golden choker by many.

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