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To use this template, enter the following and fill in the appropriate fields. Any field left blank will not show up. Don't forget to include brackets, to make the fields into links.
File:Wiki.png and Template:Infobox MMDmodel/header
Type {{Infobox MMDaccessory|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Article management
See Wiki templates
See Model groups
{{ModelGroups|<Model Accessory>}} with "=true". Place what media or type of model it is, the template sorts page into a category. It is a must that you view the format page for this. This feature may become obsolete at a later date
For Editable and Distributable

Placing these templates automatically sorts page into a category.

{{acsedit Y}} / {{acsedit N}} Model editable? Yes or No
{{acsdist Y}} / {{acsdist N}} Model edit distributable? Yes or No
{{acsinfo E}} Accessory presented is an edit from another model
{{acsinfo C}} Creator must be contacted for information
{{acsinfo U}} Information about model presented is unknown
Results in...
  • Coming soon...
{{Infobox MMDaccessory
| color = 
| Image = 
| Model Name = 
| Accessory Name = 
| Version = 
| Creator = [[]]
| DL Location = Do Not put directDL 
| File Name   = .pmd
| Pass    = 
| Credits = 
| Displayed = [Link sitename]
| Editable  = {{acsedit Y}} {{acsedit N}}
| Distributable = {{acsdist Y}} {{acsdist N}} }}

Other tags
{{acsinfo E}} Accessory edited
{{acsinfo C}} Contact creator
{{acsinfo U}} Information unknown

''' ''' short summary...such as... is available for download via [[]].

*Ver.1.0 ~ (20/month/date) 



==Model Policy==




==External links==
*[Link sitename:] 

Template content
  • color = default is gray and black.
    • These are basic colors | red1 | orange1 | yellow1 | green1 | blue1 | purple1 | black1 | pink1 | white3 (Notice that the available numbers are 1, 2, and 3.) See Header template for more information.
  • Image = Example.jpg
  • Model Name = File / folder / Creator calls it / What it is known as...
  • Accessory Name = Name of accessory
  • Version = Example 1.0
  • Creator = [[Creator]]
  • DL Location = Site or place model is released NOTICE : Do Not put directDL Unless directDL is absolutely required (this is a safety concern)
  • File Name = Example.pmd
  • Pass = NOTICE : Only if pass is public / Inform readers how it can be obtained / Or erase parameter
  • Credits = If model base is from other model(s) / What program was used etc. However, it's not entirely necessary for that
  • Displayed = [Link sitename]
    • nnd_id: = sm or nm followed by Url number
    • yt_id: = Just the Url number
  • Editable = Place appropriate template to automatically sorts page into a category
  • Distributable = Place appropriate template to automatically sorts page into a category
Article content
  • Model known as short summary...such as... is available for download via [[MediaFire]]. ← For example.
  • History = Ver.1.0 ~ (20xx/month/date) current or variant
  • Download = NOTICE : Primarily for informing reader about the file name due to folder storage listings
  • Models = NOTICE : Additional character mentions or pmd files, if infobox is not preferred
  • Model Policy = The basic policies for the model stated by the creator
  • Trivia = Any trivia about the model or accessory featured as a model
  • Gallery = <gallery></gallery>
  • Credits = NOTICE : This section is for model/author mentions that are too numerous for the infobox
  • External links = Examples *[http://www6.atwiki.jp/vpvpwiki/pages/__ VPVP] *[http://dic.nicovideo.jp/a/__ NicoPedia] *[http://www.nicovideo.jp/ NicoVideo] *[http://piapro.jp/__ Piapro] *[http://__.deviantart.com/ deviantART] *[http://www.youtube.com/ YouTube] *[http://other sites etc. Title]
  • ModelGroups = {{ModelGroups|<>}} [[Category:]] NOTICE : Please see category or Model Format page for a list of categories.