• Hello, I am one of the original admins of the wiki. My hiatus is continuing due to being swamped with maintaining at least three to four wikis at a time.

    One day I will return here and try to get things in order, but for now, things seem to be alright, just slow.

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    • I'm back just to check things if there are any suspicious activity and it still remains the same.  i'm rarely active to maintain the wikia for the moment cause i can't fully multi task however that domains will be migrating to 

      here's a slight problem that how will it affect the coding? will it be the same or all the coding would mess up the 2,454 pages (and Still adding). i wouldn't mind if all remain the same however i'm still against migrating to new when this wikia doesn't need too. if it ain't broken don't replace it. 

      The coding and the stuff to work with doesn't need to be replaced or change or updated. morely i'm now in charged of this place and i decided to be against of the change when all things are all fine for this wikia.

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    • Not by much but any collapsing code usage will have be replaced.

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