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    Kizuna in YandereSim

    I'm not sure if everyone knows this, but Yandere-Dev has stolen quite a few MMD assets, along with assets from other 3D programs, and the current models, which are from the Unity store, he claims to be just "placeholders. I am very disappointed.

    A list of stolen assets:

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    • If the placeholder was not intend for public then it's okay since it's just something personal to mess with and  it doesn't infrienge copyright.

      and there is no Prohibited rule of importing models to third party software. If Yandere-Dev did break some rules then he is in a lot of trouble.

      The AI Mode was indeed not for public however he seemed to remove it due to people have been messing arround the coding.

      BTW is this model belong to TDA or Tomitake the one who modeled this 3D Model?  i'm about to update the article.

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