• Hello everyone!

    The Wikia's new forum module was activated in an attempt to increase forum traffic and possible learn more about a model or creator by easily making a topic from the article page. Notice that the forums are not blogs and in order to have a blog you should create an account.

    What belongs on the Forums

    • General Discussion - This board is for general conversations about the wiki. Such as MikuMikuDance, Models, and Vocaloid. Can also include related Music, Producers, Series etc involving MMD.
    • Off-Topic Discussion - Similar to the Watercooler of old, this forum is slightly laxed. Off-topic discussion, introductions; talk about anything you want, just keep it within reason. It can include games and fun posts; it doesn't mean spamming will be tolerated.
    • Questions and Answers - Questions pertaining to the wiki or the MikuMikuDance program, Vocaloid franchise or related and similar subjects.
    • Wiki Discussion - Discussions of wiki related issues; users, modules, and projects. Discussions of article content, layout, and improvements. etc
    • News and Announcements - Important news pertaining to the wiki (Topic creation is primarily by admins and helpers with colored names). If contributors want to comment on a topic then they are allowed.

    What doesn't belong here

    • Excessive Roleplay - MMD Wiki does not specializes in recruitment/club/roleplay content. The following alternatives are available:
      • Vocaloid Roleplay (up for adoption)
      • There are many online forums built for this activity.
      • Social blogging sites such as LiveJournal, tumblr, and Facebook.
      • The Fanloid Wiki currently does not accept this activity either due to solo admin, however, a Fanon namespace is available for stories.
    • Spam - Threads must not contain gibberish or spam.
    • Abuse - Threads must not be for the purpose of insulting users or inciting arguments.
    • Bumps - Bump messages should only be posted 24 hours after a lack of activity on a thread. Threads should have no more than two successive bumps.


    Over all, enjoy the forums, this a blank canvas which you can fill with ideas, discussions, and news! If you are ever in doubt, merely contact one of our admins!

    The layout of this topic was modified from Halo's wiki forums

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