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We're Mirin and , from -Cat on DeviantART.

Mirin is a fan of MMD, Vocaloid and Uta Pri. Her favourite Vocaloids are Len, Luka, Gakupo, Iroha, Yukari, IA and ZOLA. She doesn't mind Mew, CUL, Avanna and Miku Dark. So, she likes powerful, soft or mature voices. XD (And yes, she likes Len for his voice and not for his looks.) She also likes Neru.

She’ll do her best to help this wikia!

is a fan of Vocaloid, UTAU and Uta Pri. Her favourite VOCALOIDs are the English capable ones plus Piko, miki, CUL, WIL and YOHIOloid. Her favorite UTAU is Swim. She wants to be a 3D modeller.

She'll mostly create pages for UTAU models.

Avatar: Masisi's Neru off, Masisi's picture glasses and Lounge by Galatea-san.

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