WARNING! On this wiki, this user has a tendency to create dozens of new articles. Take caution when treading the Recent Activity page.

Hello i am CYBORGGOAT and i'm an Admin of this very wikia.

i'm a MikuMikuDance User and i know details about this models. kinda an Expert of the modelers and details. please note that i want to be a contributer or likely an Admin to be part of this Wiki. if you can add me as a contributer or Admin i'll be pleased and make shape. :D

As Admin

it's my very role to help contributers to this wikia. if you're making a page of this creator and there models, i will be the one to help you. however that you should have knowledge of this exact model and creator as an MMDer. make sure you follow the wikia's terms on how to add,edit and publish an article on this very wiki.

but i got a weakness is that English is not my Primary Language or right Grammar due to having Difficulties when it comes to talking. so you are free to correct my grammar when it comes to info.

Wikia Terms

  • You Should have higher Knowledge on MikuMikuDance and Wikia editing skills in order to add a newer article! make sure you know what you're doing.
  • Please don't be lazy when it comes to adding articles. try to use other pages as reference on what your doing.
  • Once an article has been vandalize. you're IP will be automatically blocked instantly from editing in this wikia! i am strict if such information will be fiddled by immature individuals of the internet.
  • if you're adding a page. make sure you finished or add all details such as links so i or other editors will add the very details of information on this type of model/modeler.
  • Do not giveout hints or leaking any passwords of models or you're IP will also be blocked by me!
  • oh one more thing. you will be given the ultimate block on you're IP. :D
  • Even whoever you are no one is safe if you bring anarchism in my domain, then you'll get track by my organization facing penalties.
One of my Rules to Contribute a Page of that model/modeller:

  • Researching the model and the modeler before i create the page.
  • i'm going to create a page that is officially a model made by that exact modeler.
  • i'm restricted to add pages of Models from Nico Communities that are restricted to Overseas such as myself except if the community accepts everyone in the MMD Community. i won't tell you how to get the password so it will be undisclosed.
  • i'm not going to add pages of models that are for private personal use.
  • i rarely add pages of modified models.
  • I don't accept Game Rips or illegal models.
  • i will be updating and adding pages of models from that modeler.
  • i'm still gonna add pages of discontinued or Limited Models to fill in the gaps. if you have that particular model, please feel free to give me the information and the original Readme, and give me a high quality render image of that model in it's default pose.
  • I will be fixing your pages but you should correct them yourself.
  • If you put an article of a Game Ripped model or a model that is borrowed from a third party that isn't made for MikuMikuDance. it shall be listed to be deleted due to be not allowed unless the Modeler from that Company/Person create models for MikuMikuDance or they made that model to be made officially for MikuMikuDance by allowing others to rig there models for them.
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