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So I was checking the MMD deviations on DeviantART earlier today. Anyone heard of GalacticWeirdo, the user known for LoveDeath edits? She stated in one deviation that someone who had a Nanami model ratted her out to Nyappon and she was threatened. The next MMD deviation that came was her final MMD pic, claiming that she will leave the community because it is now vile and no longer fun.

Today, I checked on the threatened image and I found this particular comment:

The person linked these particular videos:

The latter interested me because it came from codenamesailorearth2. She had links to her Facebook, which was "Fight MikuMikuDance (MMD) Vocaloid and UTAU Bullies online" One of its pages, titled The truth abut MMD "Rules" and Windows 100%, supposedly states what is really going on with the Japanese MMD Community.

Quoting CNSE
"Copyright laws in Japan are less strict than they are in America. For years, there have been plenty of people LEGALLY selling magazines and Doujinshi (Fan-made comics) based on their favorite series.

Here's how it works. (NOT SO)

In America, if you try to sell a Doujinshi on (let's say) Star Wars, you will be sued by LucasArts and thrown in jail for copyright infringment. BUT if you live in Japan, and you sell the same Doujinshi on Star Wars, it's considered to be your way of saying "I think Star Wars rocks" and no harm is done. (Trivia, this is actually how the manga artists CLAMP got started.) Bootleggers aren't usually thrown in jail, until they've done something REALLY awful, like copying movies onto DVD and re-selling them. But if it's fan-art, it's ok.

With that said, a group of MMD FANS started their own fan magazine, titled "Windows 100%". (BS. Windows 100% started in 2006, way before MMD ever came to be) Although the friendly people at Crypton and Yamaha accept Windows 100% as part of the Vocaloid culture, it is NOT an official magazine owned by Crypton, and it is purely fan made and fan sold. (Not fanmade, it is published by Shinyusha, who does Mac100, Android100, a big business company)

Now some of these fans include such talented artists as ISAO, KIO, Saboten and Nanami. (Nanami is NOT involved in Windows 100!) Also included is a talented artist named LAT. (Lat also does not do Windows100%) 'Each month, these talented fans give away gorgeous models for use in MMD, via the magazine.

Now LAT, like Animasa (Higuchi-san) (NOT HIGUCHI. HIGUCHI MADE THE SOFTWARE, NOT THE MODELS.) understands that editing, distributing and use of their models by fans, is just a fan's way of saying "I like you". (Remember CLAMP?) (No. Look at the bases, you TRACED their art without permission)

But the other artists did not take such a liberal approch. Instead, they did something very scandelous.

It started with Nanami. Nanami had posted on their own blog a few models.

A few people did what usually is done on the internet. They edited, redistributed and used the mdoels as they saw fit. Why? Because the models were given away for free, LEGALLY and they felt this was alright.

It works like this. If I hand you a doll that I made, and I tell you "here, take it, it's yours now" what would you do? You wouldn't just let it sit on a shelf, and tell everyone in the world never to touch it, would you? Of course not! You'd play with it, re-dress it, because it's yours and I gave it to you. There's no harm in that.

Nanami didn't see it as such. Nanami decided to post hate blogs about the people who downloaded what they put up on their own blog to begin with. (NANAMI NEVER POSTED HATE. PEOPLE THOUGHT SHE WAS BASHING ON THEM.)

Saboten was next, encouraging their fans to "tattle" on model users, even if Saboten was given credit. (Funny thing, HE WAS HARRASSED FIRST, by the original author of this, no less)

Soon, many modelers were posting rules for each CGI THEY THEMSELVES GIVE AWAY FOR FREE ON THEIR BLOGS and encouraging their fans to bully, harass and stalk others online, who didn't follow the rules they made up. Their excuses? "I worked so hard on this, don't color it/re-distrubute, it's disrespecting me!" were the excuses they gave to their fans. (THEY HAD RULES TO BEGIN WITH. NO ONE ACTUALLY BOTHERED TO READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE)

Many of the MMD fans who found their names on the Vocaloid Wiki Blacklist, the MikuMikuDance Wiki's blacklist, and even the Lulzsec owned hate site "Encyclopedia Dramatica" ... were kids. Kids as young as 10. Some were adults, who found their name and family photos defiles with pornography on ED, Teens and Tweens who found their YouTube names shamed on Vocaloid Wikis, and kids who found their inboxes lined with messages like this: 'You're getting what you deserve! If you had just followed RULES this wouldn't happen to you. You reap what you sew.

But these rules... were NOT MikuMikuDance rules.

And this was NOT what Higuchi-san wanted.

Kind hearted Higuchi-san tried to appeal to his fanbase NOT to do this anymore. He would email fans, asking them to end the hate. But when all he got back were letters from 16-30 year olds, demanding that every man, woman and child be punished for editing FREE models, He had enough. (He never ONCE mentioned this.)

On May 26, 2011, HiguchiM announced he would retire from developing MMD. In a friendly statement, he just said that he had done all he could, and that was that.

But fans close to him know that the hatred from "MMD Police" otaku had done their damage.

All supposed "new" MMD releases from then on (anything after 7.30) are only fan made. FAKES not the real MMD at all. (YES IT IS REAL. IT'S ON HIGUCHI'S SITE AFTER ALL) 'Sales of the fan-zine Windows 100% have gone down, and some modelers are withdrawn into their shells. They say out of "disgust for those who wouldn't obey" but the real reason is SHAME. In trying to capitalize on the popularity of this FREEWARE, they have killed that which they loved most."

The last paragraph implies that MMD v7.39 is a FAKE. And if it is not referring to 7.39, then what? RinRinDance is obsolete.

Another page, titled "Is it a part of the 'culture?' " seems to explain how the Japanese MMD modelers behaved, using prime example LAT and Animasa as the "ideal modellers."

Quoting CNSE
"Recently, I got a total of 12 emails from Americans and Australians, all claiming that what Nanami and Saboten did in the past with writing hate blogs, was just "part of the Japanese culture" and that MMD fans are "wrong" anytime they download and/or edit something MMD related.

Let me state that this is WRONG. No matter how much work is put into a model, anytime you put something up for download on the internet, it is subject to editing. It's NOT something I always agree with, but it happens.

The Japanese have given away downloads via the internet since it's creation, and not once ~ NOT EVER ~ have ANY of them outside of the Windows 100% modelers and Nanami, have EVER stooped to harassment, hate blogs or threats. NOT EVEN ONCE.

Furthermore, to claim that it's part of the Japanese culture is extremely racist. The Japanese people do not believe in harassment or hate blogs.

Animasa and LAT are born and raised Japanese people from Japan, and they do NOT act in such an immature, hateful way. Instead, Animasa and LAT are extremely graceful. Like Andy Warhol, they understand that what they give away could be edited, and like Warhol, they view it as a form of flattery, not a cause to harass. Mature people like LAT and Animasa understand the rules of the internet, that trolling is offensive, hate blogs are offensive, and that when you give something away online, it may or may not be edited. They are grown enough to NOT cause drama.

Furthermore, Japan is notorious for allowing the sale of fan-art. Good example? As I wrote in my note on Windows 100%, if that magazine were to make it's way to America, the makers of said magazine would be sued and thrown in jail for copyright infringement. (Example: ISAO did not create Miku, Crypton did.) Selling fan-art is something looked down upon in America. But in Japan, it's allowed under certain guidelines. And that's all Windows 100% is, a FAN magazine made by FANS. Meaning that their rules do not represent those who made MMD, nor to they represent Crypton or Yamaha.

Because the hate-blog-actions of people like Nanami and Saboten, MMD is now shunned by alot of people, it's now something to be ashamed of, and all because SOME people decided to be bullies over fake rules." (Only because of stupid people)

Then of course, there's the page about MMD Police and how they are...

Quoting CNSE
"They make up their own rules, and then get upset when nobody follows them. (Uh, these same rules apply to ACTUAL ART TOO_)

They also bully people who use someone else's models in ways they don't approve of.

They run FAN Wiki pages, and act like the mouthpiece for Crypton, when Crypton and Yamaha don't actually need them to.

They are NOT employees of Yamaha or Crypton, but they act like they do.

They don't mean to be bad, but they DO bully people over fan-made CGI's.

They blacklist and harass total strangers, running hate Wikis in the name of "protecting modelers" but what they are doing is very damaging. (Excuse you, Wikipedia also blacklists :U)

It is these people that are the reason why Yu Higuchi is no longer updating MMD. (HIS WIFE DIDN'T WANT HIM TO BECOME AN OTAKU.)

MMD Police leave comments defending their bully tactics, often trying to make their victims look like the "real" bully. Mean comments like this: Stop the Abuse of MMD, Utau, and VocaloidTo those who complain about people who act like "MMD Police" and leave negative comments on your page; They wouldn't be there if you respected the modeler in the first place (Like CNSE)

That is NOT a helpful statement. That is a statement that glorifies harassment over CGI's.

If you start getting comments like this:

1. You're breaking the rules, take it down or I'll tell!

2. I'm blacklisting you

3. If you'd only respect the modlers I wouldn't HAVE TO...

4. You're dumb/stupid/need to die/ect

5. You're gonna end up a MEME!!

Then you should know these are people trying to force others to follow rules they make up.

And yes, some modelers do get upset if you edit colors/ect. This is because they have not yet learned the sad rule of the internet.

As much as I don't like to say this, anytime you put ANYTHING on the internet, there may or may not be people who will re-color. IF you are given credit, then no matter what it is, you CAN'T complain. It's not a person vandalising you, it's someone honoring you. Think of it as fan art devoted to you. It means that person wants to be your friend or be like you.

If you are NOT given credit, then you have the right to be upset and you must do the ADULT thing. That means emailing the person in PRIVATE. You DON'T tweet, blog or blacklist them.

Now blacklisting is NOT slander. UNLESS you are blacklisting someone for what happens between them and someone else. Heresy blacklisting is the same as trolling. It's wrong, immature, slanderous and can now earn you jail time in several states."

Oh god. I am sorry I posted a brick wall for my first blog, but I felt this needs to be shared. I need your opinion on this. For all I know, this is all one massively grave misconception about the model makers and Higuchi himself.

But if there is one truth to this, it's that because of the MMD Police's rowdy trolling, those who try to do the right thing end up persecuted.

If you're interested in finding out more about this vague campaign, check out the pages where they came from.

Quoting CNSE

And their basic profile page. Fight MMD Vocaloid and UTAU bullies online

And now there's a video about Wikia Blacklisting that the group posted yesterday EST

Again, sorry for the long blog. OTL