Windows100% is a Japanese monthly magazine series published by Shinyusha. The magazine covers the latest applications and software for PC systems, as well as video games and anime-centric topics. Each issue comes with CDs full of various apps and game demos for subscribers to try. The series goes back as far as 2006.[1] Variations of this magazine also exist in Shinyusha such as Android100% for DROID smartphones and Mac100% for Apple products.

Windows100% Models

In July 2009, the issue released an exclusive model for MikuMikuDance in the demo CDs- Sora Amaha by ISAO. Within the next two months that followed, a new model was distributed with each issue. In December 2009, Kakomiki debuted in the magazine series with Neon[2]. Kio joined the group in February 2010 with SF-A2 miki, a model that was formerly distributed on his site but taken down due to violators. On the first anniversary of the Windows100% model series, all the models released from the July 2009 issue to the July 2010 issue have been compiled into one massive collection, dubbed the Starter Pack. Since then, there has been at least one new model per month and one starter pack per year.

First Year


The first Starter Pack

The first year was sporadic, occasionally missing a few months. These models were re-released as part of the First MMD Starter Pack.

Month, Year Model(s) Creator
July 2009 Sora Amaha ISAO
September 2009 Sora Amaha Yukata ISAO
October 2009 GUMI ISAO
December 2009 Neon Kakomiki
January 2010 Rio Kiyoha ISAO
February 2010 SF-A2 miki Kio
March 2010 Black Rock Shooter Kakomiki
April 2010 Manaka Bunny, Rinko Cat, and Nene Raccoon ISAO
May 2010 Aries and Aqua Kio
June 2010 Hikari ISAO
July 2010 Totori Helmold ISAO

Second Year


The second Starter pack

These models covered all months, unlike the first year. They were re-released through the Second Starter Pack, eleven models in all.

Month, Year Model(s) Creator
August 2010 Iroha Nekomura (Kitty'er ISAO
September 2010 Dead Master Kakomiki
October 2010 Lily Kio
November 2010 Iroha Nekomura ISAO
December 2010 Riho Kakomiki
January 2011 Sakura Isao
February 2011 Hinomoto Oniko Kio
March 2011 Tsukumo-tan Kakomiki
April 2011 Ohana Matsumae ISAO
May 2011 Kurisu Makise Kakomiki
June 2011 Msyu Kio
June 2011 Sora Amaha Type 150 ISAO
June 2011 Sora Amaha Type LON ISAO

Third Year


The third Starter Pack

This year brought two newcomers- Mamama and Saboten. Both so far have only debuted in one issue. All sixteen models are re-released through the Third Starter Pack, making it the largest MMD pack so far.

Month, Year Model(s) Creator
July 2011 Iroha Nekomura (Magician) Isao
August 2011 NOL Kio
September 2011 Mai Yukishiro Isao
October 2011 Clarisse Kio
November 2011 Inori Yuzuhira Kakomiki
December 2011 Inga Kio
January 2012 pkpk, shrshr, and krkr Kio
February 2012 SeeU Mamama
March 2012 Yukari Yuzuki Kio
April 2012 Lapis Aoki Kakomiki
May 2012 Falun Kio
June 2012 Beauty, Pretty, and Pochacco Saboten
July 2012 Utako Uta Kakomiki

Fourth Year

This age of Windows 100% models have introduced another modeler into the family, Aun.N.

Month, Year Model(s) Creator
August 2012 MAYU Saboten
September 2012 Carol Saboten
October 2012 Zunko Tohoku Kakomiki
November 2012 Tomo Kane Aun.N
December 2012 Neo Shiratori Saboten
January 2013 Lei Kirishima Aun.N
February 2013 Yokumi Kanda Kakomiki
March 2013 SaraSara, KuruKuru and FurFur Kio
April 2013 Momochi Minami Kio
May 2013 Mirai Suenaga Kakomiki
June 2013 Michiru Matsushima Kio
July 2013 Frederica Irving Saboten

Fifth Year

March foresaw a re-release of Type LON Sora, originally bundled in the second starter pack, with UTAU voicebank and 3D printing data to make a figure. April has been skipped.

Month, Year Model(s) Creator
August 2013 Racoona Sheldon Saboten
September 2013 Fuko Saboten
October 2013 Azuki Masaoka Kio
November 2013 Matcha Kobayashi Kio
December 2013 Ryuko Matoi Kio
January 2014 Angela Balzac Kakomiki
February 2014 Satsuki Kiryuin Kio
March 2014 Sora Amaha Type LON (individual re-release) ISAO
May 2014 Merli Kio
June 2014 Naruko Aoba Kakomiki
July 2014 Aoi and Akane Kotonoha Kio

Sixth Year

After no models being released for three months, the Windows100% DVD's were back with a new model starting in November 2014.

Month, Year Model(s) Creator
November 2014 Kokomi Shiina Saboten
December 2014 Chloé Lemaire Saboten
January 2015 Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, and Mega Drive Kio
February 2015 Leopard Doronjo Kakomiki
March 2015 Fumio Murakami Saboten
April 2015 Akane Sakurai Saboten
May 2015 Erena Mochizuki Saboten
June 2015 Angela Balzac (Adult) Kakomiki

Seventh year

New Modelers: KLOKAR and Fuchinkubo

Month, Year Model(s) Creator
July 2015 Yukari Yuzuki Onn and Lin Kio
December 2015 Sachiko Kakomiki
January 2016 Claudia Madobe Kio
February 2016 Chojyuugiga KLOKAR
March 2016 Fukase Fuchinkubo
March 2016 Mayu (Re-Release) Saboten

MikuMikuDance Master Pack DX


Released in September 2013, MikuMikuDance Master Pack DX includes 22 selected models from the three starter packs and those up to the October 2013 issue of Windows 100%. The pack also includes more MikuMikuEffects.

Model Policy

Given the commercial nature of these models, their rules are slightly different from normal models. For instance, the character must remain the same mainly because some, like Neon and Totori, are created to promote video games, visual novels, anime, or businesses. As such, edits cannot be given out to the public. These models can only be obtained in the CDs that come with the magazine, requiring purchase. Re-selling the models, whether through e-points or solid cash, can cause legal issues to arise.


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